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we're t0o Perfect, are you?

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Welcome to Too_x_Perfect. this community is based on how preppy, how hott ur style is, and how hawt you are. The Break down for the community goes as follows:
50% looks style and pictures
25% personality
25% impression/answers

So if you are not 'Too Perfect' please save us your damn life, and DONT apply

1. If you would like to join you must fill out an application, (see below)
2. You should fill out that application with your fullest thoughts and 2 pictures of yourself. If you do NOT have a picture you will not be considered and your entry will be deleted.
3. There will be 5 possible mods that could be chosen through, LOOKS, personailty, and how much you are commitited to the community.
4. You must be a prep or at least dress somewhat like one. The members will decide to accept you into this community or not.
5. Just be yourself. Don't be a fake!
6. Any gossip, drama of any sort, who ever starts it will be BOOTED..NO EXCEPTIONS!!
7. You have one week (seven days) to post an application. If you fail to do so, you're banned from the community. No questions asked.
8. You have one week (seven days) to post a picture if you didn't in your application. If you don't have a picture, do your best to draw one and upload it to your photobucket account or upload it to www.imageshack.us. If you fail to do so, you're rejected. No questions asked. Sorry :(
9. You must at least try to answer all the questions in detail. No one likes a 1-2 word answer because it will lead to a boring application.
10. Don't start bitching here or in your journal that you didn't get accepted. Get over it. It only makes you look stupid and immature. If we see you bitching and complaining in your journal that you got rejected, the members can and are encourraged to comment in your journal and say whatever they please about you and/or your application.
11. If you have a problem with any of the members and mods, do not bring it here. Take it elsewhere, here is not the place for a bashing war. Starting arguments and/or bringing outside conflicts in here will get you banned from this community. Keep your personal problems in your own livejournal or somehow comtact the person you are having a problem with and resolve your differences and get on with your lives. This is not the place to deal with your problems. They are your problems and I (nor everyone else) wants to hear/read your bullshit. Basically what I mean is don't start shit with ANYONE here (mods, members and applicants) EVER. You do and you're bannned. You will have no warnings. This is your first, last and only warning.
12. Put New Applicant as your subject title and Am I too perfect? as your lj-cut title to prove you have read these simple and easy to follow rules.


{About You}

Sexual Preference:
Hair color:
Eye Color:
Most embarrassing moment:
Most Bitchiest moment:

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store:
x Designer:
x show:
x food:
x Actor:
x Actress:
x movie:
x band/artist:

:: Word Associations ::



Gay Marriage:

Plastic Surgery:
Bush as President:
Paris Hilton:
Underage Drinking:
Pre-Marital Sex:


Pet Peeves:
Person you hate the most and why?
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to:
List 5 things you cant live without:


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )

and a 150x150 picture for the member ID on the User Info page.


Jadore_Lacoste : Louis Vincent Hilton

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