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New Applicant



{About You}

Name: Jodi
birthday: Sept. 23
Location:  Tucson Azzzz whoop whoop dont be jealous people
Sexual Preference: Straight
Status: Single just like kraft cheese
Hair color: naturally brown now its like reddish brown
Eye Color:Greennnn
Most embarrassing moment: when we were at our friends house and we got drunk. and everybody was in the potty so i peed in the back yard lol! i was wearing my friends underwears hahaha!! thats gross but its hilaious
Most Bitchiest moment: i have a lot!!! i work at cinnabon and when people piss me off and mess with me i cut their cinnabon in half and like smoosh it and stuff... hahaha its dumb

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: forever 21
x Designer: COACH!!!!
x show:sex in the city, seinfeld, family guy, the simpsons, real world, and Top model even though its over :(
x food: CHICKEN STRIPS!!! i eat them like 4 times a week!!! or nacho cheese chalupas, chilli, and tacos *only when daddy makes them*
x Actor: Morris chessnut and jamie foxx
x Actress:Sarah Jessica Parker!!!
x movie:Willy Wonka, wizard of oz, cruel intentions, super troopers, andddd office space :)
x band/artist:JAGGED EDGE 4 LIFEEEEEE lol! yea i got a tattoo of them :)

:: Word Associations ::

Death:now please *JK*
War:get ova it
Gay:most of my friends hahaha
Straight:whos straight nemore
Marrige:cant wait!
NYC:louis vuitton


Gay Marriage:Most of my guy friends are gay.. I just cant picture someone telling them that they can't be with the person that they love for life. Its nobody elses bussiness wat they do except theirs so the government needs to stay out of it. You don't choose who you love its not their fault... So i totally belive in it.

Abortion:I think im pro choice.. If a girl gets pregnant when shes 16 she can't take care of it.. that is an option its probably not the best one but it is an option. WHy bring a baby into the world thats not gonna be loved right... i dont know though! i could never have one, but i see why a woman would get one...
Plastic Surgery:I wouldnt get it done. i wouldnt feel like myself anymore... But if people want to its their choice im not gonna knock them for it. people should do what they need to do to make themselves feel better...
Bush as President:TAH! thats all i have to say is TAH!
Suicide: its dumb its the pussy way to get out of things...
Paris Hilton:shes hot! cant knock her for bein her ya know??? she makes dumb choices, but shes doin the damn thing lol
Underage Drinking:i do it so im not gonna say anythign about it! they jus need to lower the age to 18
Drugs:i hate drugs i pretty much grew up around them. It mkes me sick cuz most of my friends were ddoing drugs last year thank god they got over that stuff.
Pre-Marital Sex: If you feel your ready do it then... dont get pressured into it


Pet Peeves:when people dont answer their phones when theyre not doign ANYTHIGN at all!
Person you hate the most and why? Young Buck... I have no clue why he just gets on my nerves and ive never liked his ass!
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to: Jagged edge, mya, trina, 50 cent, aaliyah
List 5 things you cant live without:my phone, friends, chicken strips, jagged edge, strawberry lipsmackers lip gloss


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )
 THis is a joking around pic! dont take it to the heart k !? luv ya boos
and a 150x150 picture for the member IDon the User Info page
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