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{About You}

Name: chelsea stone
Age: 16
birthday: sept. 21/88
Location:ontario, canada
Sexual Preference: boys
Status: taken <3
Hair color: brown
Eye Color: green
Most embarrassing moment: at a party last year when this guy was following me around all night and tried to like, rape me... when my boyfriend beat the shit out of him and i was basically why. like because he was following me everywhere... all the guys friends just sat tehre and starred at me while it happened... and i was the topic at school for like a week. wasn't like i did anything wrong but the whole ordeal was embarrassing.
Most Bitchiest moment:last summer when i kissed my good friends crush. we were all drinking & he said he's kiss her if i kissed him, lol (wrong i know) so i did it, but then she told alot of people and made it out to be a lot worse than it was. so i turned the whole situation around and told a few people how she fooled around with this really tough girls boyfriend. eventually it got around and she was in shit. some girl on girl crime...

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: hollister
x Designer: to be honest i can't think of one.
x show: the oc
x food: chinese, mmm
x Actor: adam brody <3
x Actress: angelina jolie... how gorgeous
x movie: dirty dancing
x band/artist: straylight run

:: Word Associations ::

Earth: is there a god taht created it?
Life: it's only what you make it
Death: i'm scared of it...
War:very wrong
Gay: nothing's wrong with it.
Marrige: it's a wonderful thing...
Hilton: paris obviously :)
NYC: twin towers
LA: i want to go there!


Gay Marriage: if two people are in love they should be able to be together. if it's not affecting us in any way, why do we let it get to us?

Abortion:like many people say, if it's rape it should be okay. it's simply wrong though. if you made the choice to have sex, you made the choice that there could also be a consequence...
Plastic Surgery:i don't see anything wrong with it. if you need a nose job... so be it. i'm not going to judge you for something so small. as long as you don't take it too far...
Bush as President: i don't live in the states so it doesn't really matter much to me, but i don't like what he's created in iraq.
Suicide: it's selfish. simply put...
Paris Hilton: she's not as hot as she's made out to be (to me) she's pretty and all, but i think there's many other women who are beautiful, adn to me, paris is justa cutie. i do like how she makes her own money though...
Underage Drinking:many teenagers do it. if you do it "responsibly" where you're getting rides by someone sober and knowing your limit. that's fine. i honestly do drink, so that's why i'm with it...lol
Drugs: are wrong! simply put again...
Pre-Marital Sex: if you are in love, and just can't wait, and are mature enough to handle what may come along with it... that's fine.


Pet Peeves:fake smiles, getting asked alot of questions while i'm busy, and when people chew loud... ick!
Person you hate the most and why? the same girl that i dd the most bitchiest thing to. because she made my life miserable for a while...
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to:straylight run, tbs, brand new, matchbook romance.
List 5 things you cant live without: my boyfriend, my mom, a computer, shower essentials (gotta be clean), and food!


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )

in the pink.

in the middle.

sorry it's blurry and that they're from the same thing but it's all i have. in the new year i'll have new pics cause that's when i'm getting a digital camera.

and a 150x150 picture for the member ID on the User Info page.

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