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{About You}

birthday:dec. 4
Location:macomb mi sucks
Sexual Preference:striaght but i have made out with my friend anna
Status:taken by joesph edward dolezal 2 months
Hair color:naturally it was like a blonishs brownish color but now its like a dirty blond with the bottem black
Eye Color:brown
Most embarrassing moment:for me it was when i got really high and drunk and passed out on my friends floor and all our friends were arund me trying to wake me up and then rumors started spreading around about me
Most Bitchiest moment:when my friend just broke up with her extreamly hott b/f i was all over him and stuff and we ended up going out and she got extreamlly pissed at me for doing it and now she stalks me like for real stalkin she sits in front of my house and if i leave she follows

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: thrift stores or spencers
x Designer:i dont care as long as its a band tee shirt
x show:family guy simpsons south park the oc king of the hill will and grace
x food:ramon noodles ice cream
x Actor:most of the guys that were in oceans 12 they are hott
x Actress:angilena joile
x movie:house of 1000 corpses fight club dodge ball nepolean dinomight a series of unfortionate events taking lives and saw
x band/artist:poison the well from autumn to ashes emery atreyu haste the day deftones as i lay dieing everytime i die and more

:: Word Associations ::

Happy:turns to sad
Life:somtimes bad but it all works out
Death:a way of life
War:army and i hate going into war for no reasons
Gay:awsome gay guys are cute i have like 6 friends that are
Straight:my b/f he hates gays
Marrige:a way for to people to advance in their love
NYC:dance compition im going their next year
LA:idk id like to go their


Gay Marriage:i think it should be okay to get married to the same sex if you love the person and want to spend everyday of the rest of your life with them then go for it cuz the gov shouldnt stop you its a seperation of church and state just becuase the church says that a man and a woman shouls only bo together the state shouldnt say that

Plastic Surgery:i think if you get a little one then its okay but you shouldnt change your whole image its not right.
Bush as President:i hate him he passed up NATO and went to war anyway he banned gay marrage he lost jobs he closed up small bussinesses and he has lost many lives i think someone else should do his job cuz i hate having a president that im smarter than
Suicide:i think its a bad way to get out of your problems i came up with a plan last night how to make my life better and i feel better now so i think with the right plan you can get out of suicide.
Paris Hilton:she is extreamly pretty i just dont like how she is flat chested like i have a bigger bra size then her and im only 15. but i love her she is awsome
Underage Drinking:i used to drink all the time but i stoped cuz i hated the hangovers i think its okay cuz like my dad said everyone needs to escape life for a while then he held up a glass of beer so therefore i think that it should be alright once in a while not everyday
Drugs:they dont ruin your life like everyone says they dont get you depressed they dont hurt you unless its a powerful drug like acid or crystal meth but if you just do weed and cigs then your fine. but im trying to quite for a little while to staiten everyting out
Pre-Marital Sex:if you love the person then go for it if you do it just to have fun thats dumb and stupid. just do it if your really ready


Pet Peeves:loud people, labels i cant stand that, fake people
Person you hate the most and why?this girl named mellissa she thinks she is so much better than everyone and makes fun of everyone
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to:poison the well, from autumn to ashes, emery, haste the day, everytime i die
List 5 things you cant live without:my cat, my dog, my b.f, pop, my note book


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )
all i have is old pics cuz my camera broke.

im in the very front

this was from 8th grade cheerleading

that one is a long story. me friend took that

i think that one is 150

and a 150x150 picture for the member ID on the User Info page.
i think that one is 150x150
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