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Sorry if this looks plain guys, LJ doesn't seem to like me right now.

[About You]
Name: Tracy Lynn
Age: 15
birthday: February 19
Location: Butler, Pennsylvania
Sexual Preference: Straight.
Status: In love with the most amazing guy. David x3.
Hair color: Blonde-Brown
Eye Color: It varies, but usually blue.
Most embarrassing moment: I was walking around with some of my friends and these guys drove past us and beeped at us. The one guy blew me a kiss so I stopped paying attention, waved to him, tripped on the sidewalk, and fell on my face.
Most Bitchiest moment: Okay, I know this makes me seem violent but, just so you know, I have matured. This was from when I was in either 7th or 8th grade: 2 or 3 years ago, I was in school and a guy that I knew called me a slut. So, I kicked his locker door up against his head. And, I bricked a girl once.

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: Abercrombie
x Designer: Tommy Hilfiger
x show: Laguna Beach
x food: Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad
x Actor: Brad Pitt
x Actress: Kate Hudson
x movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
x band/artist: The top of my favorites list for music is probably..JoJo.

[Word Associations]
Happy: Gilmore
Earth: Science
Life: Death
Death: Sadness
War: Violence
Gay: Homosexual
Straight: Couples
Marriage: Engaged
Hilton: Paris
NYC: Big Apple
LA: Mica :(

Gay Marriage: I don't think there's anything wrong with it. If they'd rather be with someone of the same sex as them, then why don't we just leave them alone? You can't tell them, oh, you can't love this person. And if you do, they'll just do something like move in together. Even if you make the laws against them being married, you can't stop people from being in love, and besides, if everyone is equal, shouldn't we all have equal marriage rights?

Abortion: I'm still swaying on this one. I think that it's okay in cases such as rape, incest, etc. But I don't think that abortion should be an easy way out for stupid sluts who will just go out and have sex with anyone without a condom. I think that it should be allowed to people who really haven't done anything wrong. If you had sex, by your own choice, without protection, and a baby comes from that, you should have to take responsibility. A little human shouldn't die for your mistake.

Plastic Surgery: It's alright I guess. If you're really that self-conscious and you think that it's the only thing that will help you, go for it. But, everyone should realize that they're beautiful in their own way and they don't need major plastic surgery to look better or feel better.

Bush as President: "We've been bushwhacked again, another 4 years." Quote from my grandfather. "This country has a bush and a dick and we're getting fucked." Quote from one of my best friends. I think that both of these are true. I don't like Bush. We're already hated by the rest of the world, he's definitely not making it any better. He's going to have it where we're getting bombed once a year or something. I'm not one of those people who will be like, "OMG!! He's such an asshole and he should rot in hell!!" But, I will say that I don't like him, and I don't like a lot of his decisions.

Suicide: I always say, that if you're at rock bottom, you can only go up, and if things can get any worse, you're not at rock bottom yet, so you have no reason to want to die. I'm not going to say that people who do it are stupid because I've never been through that much pain. I'm sure a lot of them have good reasons, I just don't see how anything would be so horrible that you'd let it ruin the rest of what you could accomplish.

Paris Hilton: Okay, I don't like her. Sure, she's pretty. But I think she's a slut. She was alright at first but she is a true ditz and things aren't getting any better for her. I think that she should take the money that she has now and leave show business.

Underage Drinking: I've done it. I think that social drinking is okay, where you have like 2 or 3 low-alcohol level drinks, and it's just in fun, like when you're hanging out with your friends and such. But when people take it to the extremes, where they endanger themselves or someone else (DUI and the like), then that's where I draw the line. I don't think people should drink themselves into stupidity.

Drugs: I have seen a lot of people who are very close to me come very close to dying and things like that from drugs. I am totally against them. Why would you do something that could kill you just for a high that lasts for a couple of hours? I don't think any feeling is worth the pain that I've seen my family and friends go through afterwards.

Pre-Marital Sex: I'm not going to say something like, "OMG sex before marriage is the devil." I think, that if you know all of the consequences and you're ready for anything that could happen, and you have no problem with having a baby, go for it. But, if you're not ready to take the chances of things like that happening, try to keep your legs crossed.

Pet Peeves: People biting their nails; People who don't shower; Bad hair days; Going to see a movie that people claim is amazing, and then finding out that it sucks.
Person you hate the most and why? There's actually 2 people that I really particularly despise. One is this guy Ryan that I went to homecoming with last year. After homecoming, I ended up dating his friend. After that, he went around telling people that I was a skank and saying I was fat and ugly and all kinds of other things. The other is Tori. She was one of my best friends until she tried spreading lies about my little sister having sex with her (Tori's) boyfriend. She was just mad because my sister is dating that guy now.

[List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to]
- Nirvana
- JoJo
- 2Pac
- Biggie
- Jon Bon Jovi

[List 5 things you cant live without]
- School. Honestly, I want to go places in life. I can't do that without an education.
- My Boyfriend. He helps me whenever I need it and is always there to listen to me cry.
- My Best Friends. Mica and JJ are amazing people who are there anytime I need anything. They've always been there for me no matter what.
- My Family. Family is everything to me. I have a lot of respect and love for everyone in my family.
- Books, Music, Basketball. These are how I usually entertain myself.


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDATORY )

Mirror Pic

Pic of me that my friend took.

Black&White of me and my baby David on Thanksgiving =]

That's a horrible pic and I look mean & pale. Sorry. But it's a clear face shot I guess =\

Most recent picture=]Taken tonight [12.29.2004]

and a 150x150 picture for the member ID on the User Info page.

Sorry, a 100x100 is the closest thing that I have =\
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