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New Applicant





{About You}

Name: Clare
Age: 13
Los Angeles, CA
Sexual Preference: Straight…I’m boy CRAZY
Status: single & lovin it!
Hair color: Light brown
Eye Color: brown
Most embarrassing moment: hmm…my most embarassing moment has to be when I was with a few friends and one of them was like, “wow, it is HOT like a desert!” and then my other friend was like, “California IS a desert!” and then all of a sudden I came in and I’m like, “NUH UH, California’s an ISLAND.”
Most Bitchiest moment: hmm…there are so many of these but…one would be when I was on the bus with my friend and this guy who we kind of aren’t friends with was there too. And me and my friend were discussing my ex who had just broken up with me, maybe 2 days before, and I was still kinda pissed, but, the guy we don’t really like over heard and he was like, “Oh yeah, doesn’t Daniel (my ex) talk about me?” and then I just spilled EVERYTHING my ex said about him just cuz I was pissed at that one moment.

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store:
Victoria’s Secret
x Designer: Dooney & Bourke
x show: the OC
x food: marshmallows, yum
x Actor: Brad Pitt, omg.
x Actress: Julia Roberts!! She’s the greatest!
x movie: I have a top 5, I can’t pick a favorite: Mean Girls, Legally Blonde, Grease, Sixteen Candles, and Clueless!
x band/artist: Justin Timberlake, he’s awesome and I’ve been a fan since 3rd grade. <3

:: Word Associations ::

Happy: pink
Earth: dirt
Life: rainbow
War: bush
Gay: WILLY!! (the real world, lol)
Straight: ruler
Marriage: veil
Hilton: hotel
LA: home


Gay Marriage: I think that marriage is for two people who love each other and want to spend the rest of their lives together, true love has nothing to do with gender.

Abortion: It’s okay if the baby or mother is in danger, incest, or someone was raped. Otherwise, why should a beautiful, innocent, human life be ended for someone else being irresponsible?
Plastic Surgery: I think its fine because some people just aren’t happy with themselves and if changing that will make them happy, and they have the money, then go ahead.
Bush as President: OMG…Bush should NOT be president and I’m so disappointed that
America chose him once again. He had no business going to Iraq and dropping bombs on innocent people, when he has his own wars here in America…he should be worrying MORE about insurance and like, other issues than about weapons that aren’t there!
Suicide: I mean, it’s a very sad thing and pretty much everyone thinks about it sometime in their life and I think it’s very sad. I’m super passionate about it because I had a friend who was seriously considering it and he kind of blamed it on me…so since then I’ve been super careful about it.
Paris Hilton: I LOVE the way she dresses and she’s very pretty, she made some bad decisions but everyone makes mistakes, I like her <3
Underage Drinking: Well, it depends. Maybe it’s okay if you only drink a little to get a little bit tipsy and you’re responsible.
Drugs: Well, I’ve learned from experience that they are not good at all and you may think they aren’t a big deal at the moment but, trust me, it’s a HUGE deal. I’ve totally lost my parents’ trust and it definitely sucks, don’t do it.
Pre-Marital Sex: I think it’s okay is you’re ready, in love, and use protection.


Pet Peeves: Perverts, people who don’t wear deodorant, and people who always wear the same thing!
Person you hate the most and why? GEORGE BUSH! I <3 the country I live in  and he has just totally wrecked it apart!! He has messed up one two many lives in this country and other parts of the world. He’s evil, and all he can do is stutter and change the subject when his screw-ups are brought up…omg I HATE HATE HATE him.
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to: Greenday, Justin Timberlake, Maroon 5, Destiny’s Child,& Kanye West
List 5 things you cant live without: My cell phone, my computer, music, and a bra. <33


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDATORY )

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