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New Applicant

{About You}

Name: Staci
Age: 18
birthday: 03/11
Location: NY but moving to AZ soon
Sexual Preference: Dudes
Status: Single
Hair color: Right now: blonde w/brown highlights
Eye Color: Green
Most embarrassing moment: I was in my car, and my friends were in the other car, our cars were right next to eachother and the parking lot was kinda of slanted, my car was facing downward, we were still in our cars, and my door was open, i accidentally pressed on the gas and the car started rolling downhill, i fell out out of the car. HAHA, but me and the car are OK.
Most Bitchiest moment: I called the mexican waiter at Applebees "Juan Don Vito Gonzales" just to be rude. haha.

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: Hot Topic (great band T's) Pac Sun and some Hollister
x Designer: Coach
x show: The O.C.
x food: Cheese Enchiladas or chicken strips
x Actor: Orlando Bloom or Jude Law
x Actress: Audrey Hepburn or Marilyn Monroe
x movie: My Best Friends Wedding & The Sweetest Thing
x band/artist: As I Lay Dying, Twista, ICP, Snoop Dogg, Anybody Killah, Blaze Ya Dead Homie, 2pac

:: Word Associations ::

Happy: Staci
Earth: science
Life: happiness
Death: pain
War: blood
Gay: faggot
Straight: arrow
Marrige: sexx
Hilton: tyler
NYC: legs
LA: rich


Gay Marriage: don't get me started. seeing 2 gay guys together makes me sick, sure let them do their thing, but i hate when they want to be obvious about it and hold hands and flop their wrists around, i mean don't get me wrong, i have gay friends and even lesbo friends, but watching 2 gays get married? thats how you know the U.S. is fucked up.

Abortion: had 1
Plastic Surgery: want to get some done, i have to use soo much make-up. i'm only 18 but without my make-up i look 33. haha
Bush as President: i'm glad he won,  don't have to worry about gay marriage, daddy won't have to worry about our money going to welfare (the money WE worked for)
Suicide: i don't like talking about it. a friend of mine killed herself, it was so painful just to know that i should've been there. i mean who would've known?? she laughed the loudest, people aren't always as they appear to be.
Paris Hilton: believe me or not, she had sex with one of my ex-boyfriends. he said she was soo bad, she needs to learn how to give head, oops sorry...but yeah, she has ugly feet.
Underage Drinking: I love getting shit-faced drunk and partying. woohoo, taking my clothes off and dancing to Britney's "My Prerogative" nothing better! its also a good excuse to have sex
Drugs: been there, done that. the only thing i really take now is adderall or vicodin
Pre-Marital Sex:  let's get it on!!


Pet Peeves: ugliness
Person you hate the most and why? my gynecologist. ugh, should report his nasty ass and get his license taken away
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to: gwen, britney, good charlotte, dispatch, as i lay dying
List 5 things you cant live without: cock, car, cell, computer and cat. hehe


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )

and a 150x150 picture for the member ID on the User Info page.

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