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{About You}

Name: Roxanne/ Roxy
Age: 16
birthday: January 1st
Location: Connecticut
Sexual Preference:straight
Status: taken for 2 years by the love of my life, Trent.
Hair color: Blonde
Eye Color:blueish green
Most embarrassing moment: When i was wearing a skirt and went to the bathroom and came out and the back of it was tucked in my panties.
Most Bitchiest moment: When i slapped my best friend because she pissed me off.

[ Favorites ]
x in place of favorite

x store: hollister
x Designer: Chanel
x show: Laguna Beach
x food: cheeseburger
x Actor: robert deniro
x Actress: julia roberts
x movie:napoleon dynamite/million dollar baby
x band/artist:something corporate

:: Word Associations ::

Happy: sad
Earth: science
Life: love
Death: black


Gay Marriage:I believe love is love. period. No law can change that.

Abortion: I am prochoice. It is the womans choice to decide what should be done and is right for her body.
Plastic Surgery: If you are that insecure about yourself then it is your preference to alter your appearance.
Bush as President: I dont agree with everything he says, but the country hasnt blown up yet so we're fine. :-D
Suicide: I think there are sooooo many other ways to get over your problems than to kill yourself physically and kill everyone else emotionally because they are hurt when they lose you.
Paris Hilton: i think she is gorgeous and i look up to her.
Underage Drinking: Everything is okay in moderation.
Drugs: Its okay if your sick, not to get mellow.
Pre-Marital Sex: Virginity is beautiful. Save it for the one you love as a way of telling them you are theirs for ever.


Pet Peeves: nail biting.
Person you hate the most and why? Jessica Simpson shes way way way to fake and ditzy. She gives a bad name to all blondes
List 5 of your fav bands/artists you listen to:something corporate, taking back sunday, yellowcard, x-tina, greenday
List 5 things you cant live without: shoes, my boyfriend Trent, my best friends- the sexy six, my family, my cell phone.


Post at LEAST 3 pictures of yourself!!!! ( MANDITORY )
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